I am offering video sessions to current and new clients and would be honored to support you during this difficult time.

Empowered Relief Class for Pain Management (Stanford University)

I am trained and certified to teach this single session, two hour evidence-based, skill building class for individuals living with all types of pain. Healthcare providers, corporate administrators, or community leaders are invited to inquire about how to schedule a class within their organization or group. Participants in this program are encouraged to bring friends and family members and will:



  •       Learn about pain and what to do to help oneself
  •       Gain pain relief skills to use right away
  •       Receive a free binaural relaxation audiofile
  •       Develop a personal plan for pain relief



Participants report high satisfaction for the class and often say they wish someone had connected them with the information sooner! The Empowered Relief program was developed at Stanford University (Beth Darnall, PhD) with grant research funding from the National Institute of Health. “Empowered Relief” is now delivered internationally and embedded into the following organizations.

Associations using Empowered Relief