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Health Related Concerns

Acute and Chronic Pain

Therapy based upon pain psychology is proven to be an effective primary treatment to improve pain experience and responsiveness to medical intervention. All pain is real. Individuals suffering from pain alone or pain along with depression or anxiety are strongly encouraged to give brief therapy a try. Psychological interventions that target pain and pain coping are shown to reverse changes to the nervous system that worsen the pain experience within 3 months with regular use of pain management strategies. 

Type 2 Diabetes

(For Diabetes specific information in relationship to COVID-19 virus concerns, please visit the American Diabetes Association’s information page.)

Diabetes can be a life changing condition that can impact many aspects of one’s life. The changes and self-management responsibilities of this condition can be a challenge. You may find yourself asking why did this happen, and struggle to adapt. The American Diabetes Association and scientific research illustrate the advantages and benefits for individuals affected by diabetes to receive psychological support.

I completed mental health provider certification for diabetes care with the American Diabetes Association. Through education and 15 years of clinical experience working with individuals in pre-diabetes stage to those receiving hemodialysis I am able to provide the following:

      • Joining with the client and their medical care team to support client in achieving self-management goals;
      • Assessment and treatment of diabetes related distress and depression or anxiety associated with living with diabetes and its management (i.e. attending doctor’s appointments, checking blood glucose, following doctor’s nutrition guidelines);
      • Supporting the client in problem solving to change relationships and their environment so that they can be more successful in following their diabetes self-management plan.

My overall goal in treatment is to help persons with diabetes stabilize via self-management so that they can live their lives more fully.

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