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Older Adults

Depression, Grief, and Anxiety

Older persons are at an increased risk for clinical depression and anxiety, particularly if they have chronic illnesses (such as heart disease or cancer) or are living with changes in functioning and independence level. Commonly, older persons can complain of physical discomforts associated with depression and anxiety and may perceive related thoughts and feelings as a “natural reaction to illness or life changes.” Older persons can feel better with psychological intervention and experience a better quality of life.

Grief is a common occurrence among the elderly, and as their world becomes smaller due to changes and losses, the impact of loss upon them increases. Losses can include changes in health, relationship, and independence.

Individual or family psychotherapy or a combination of psychotherapy and medication (prescribed by physician or psychiatrist) are effective treatment options for depression, grief, and anxiety among older persons.

Memory Changes

Approximately 2.4 to 5.5 million Americans are affected by dementia; many go undiagnosed. I provide consultation specific to changes in memory function that include clinical interview and completion of a brief assessment with specific screening tools. Results and recommendations are discussed in a separate feedback session. This assessment is a good first step to understand one’s reported cognitive changes and receive solutions to promote cognitive functioning.

Caregiver Burden

Caring for another adult can be an ongoing stressor for caregivers, which can lead to physical and psychological/emotional problems in the caregiver. Participation in psychotherapy can help the caregiver to become more self-aware and develop strategies to protect their health and prevent development of physical or emotional difficulties.

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