I am offering video sessions to current and new clients and would be honored to support you during this difficult time.

Reduced Session Fees in Response to Corona Virus Related Mental Health Crisis

These are difficult times for so many reasons- which is putting a strain on our mental health and the ability of the healthcare system to adequately address the need. If you aren’t feeling like your usual self, you aren’t alone:



As a society, we are experiencing multiple horrible life stressors and psychological risk factors such as:

loneliness and isolation

economic turmoil


uncertainty for the future

pre-COVID19 psychological and medical conditions that were never fully managed.

Aside from social distancing and quarantine, it may be a challenge to access support systems as before because it seems like friends/family are more “burdened.” Unfortunately delays in professional help seeking when one is already emotionally struggling can impact the ability to respond well to future crises and other unexpected changes. Mental health care is for everyone. Now is a great time to start counseling to address all your concerns and more. I am reducing my fees as an incentive to potential clients in need of help and also to allow for greater accessibility. My services are offered via telemedicine to individuals that reside in California. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 949-337-1034.

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