I am offering video sessions to current and new clients and would be honored to support you during this difficult time.

Working From Home: Injury Prevention, Work Productivity, Positive Mindset, & My Favorite Stretches!

Here’s some useful information for those of you who are working from home, studying from home, or perhaps a little of both! To support you in taking care of your mind and body:

  1. My 4 FAVORITE stretches to do when spending long hours seated and typing. These will help keep you fresh and focused and prevent tightness/stiffness that can come with daily sitting.
  2. A quick and clear summary by an occupational therapist on how to set up and maintain an optimal workstation area to prevent injury and overuse (Nebraska Medical Center).
  3. Pursue a “good enough” work-life balance or work-life-teaching-balance.
    • Take frequent but scheduled/planned breaks throughout the day to allow your mind and body to decompress. This may include having the daily objective of turning off news, tv, and work emails after a certain hour as much as possible.
    • Find a new activity that you and/or you and your family can do. Try adding new things such as art projects or physical activity. If you live with others, see if they have ideas or would like to join you.
    • Take advantage of video-based platforms (FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom, Marco Polo, etc.) to keep in touch with others. Make time for healthy emotional support, sharing a good laugh, or playing games together.
    • Previously, commute times could be used as a way to mentally transition into and out of our workdays. Rideshare, public transportation, and walking/biking also brought a different experience to the commute. If you are now working from home, you might consider ways to strategically build a self-care or mental transition time into your day.

If you are experiencing stress relating to workplace and family life changes and want additional help or to schedule an appointment, please contact me. <3 Be well !

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